Jenn Smith Nelson

Travel Writer & Photographer


Award-winning freelance travel writer & photographer

Co-author of 110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Jenn Smith Nelson is an award-winning freelance travel writer, photographer and author. She’s been published in four countries and in four languages, contributing hundreds of articles to 25+ outlets including enRoute, Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic, Toronto Star, explore Magazine, Best Health Magazine, Nuvo, A Birder’s Guide to Travel and more. She also appears as a travel expert on CBC Saskatchewan’s The Morning Edition and Global News Morning Regina.

Jenn often writes about connecting with nature, wildlife, family and adventure travel. She co-authored her first book 110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and has contributed to other titles including 150 Nature Hot Spots in Canada and A Gelato a Day.

Current Portfolio

Testing the Waters


Volunteer stewards work to protect our freshwater lakes, rivers and streams.

Any of us look at a lake in summer and see peace and inspiration—a place for boating, swimming or just a little bit of relaxation. For others, the relationship goes much deeper. When Max Abraham looks out across Saskatchewan’s Pike Lake, about 20 minutes south of Saskatoon, he sees home.

Camp Wolf Willow: Catch the Sandhill Crane Migration

It’s September, just one month since my last visit to Camp Wolf Willow and a dramatic transformation of the landscape has occurred. Tall cattails have shrunken and wildflowers are no longer blooming, but it’s every bit as unspoiled and beautiful with the colourful leaves turned from green to yellow and orange.

MNS Guardians: The Past, the Present and the Future

In partnership with Métis Nation Saskatchewan and Canadian Geographic

Who are the Indigenous Guardians?

Serving as on-the-ground knowledge keepers of traditional territories, at the core of the Indigenous Guardians program is the sacred right and responsibility to reclaim authority, stewardship and conservation of land, water and animals.

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Boreal Foraging

explore Magazine

Take a journey into the world of foraging—and cooking au naturel—in the golden fall foliage of northern Alberta. It’s a bluebird day and golden yellow leaves crunch under my feet as I follow a narrow pathway, hiking behind Kevin Kossowan into the Tawatinaw River Valley in Rochester, Alberta.

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Getting to Know the Locals in BC’s Scenic Desolation Sound

explore Magazine

Cheh che ha thech (I welcome you), sings Randy Louie as he beats his drum – the sounds echoing across the mirror-like, deep waters of Homfray Channel. Klahoose Wilderness Resort juts out from behind hm from a scenic tapestry of towering cedars, Douglas-firs and western hemlocks.

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